Obudrodon dicksoni

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Not quite THAT big. They were separated from the shearing crests by an area without dentition. As the Australian continent moved north over millions of years, the previously wet interior of the continent dried up.

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The roots of the molars were barely a third as high as the crown. Obdurodon dicksoni grew profoundly larger than the modern platypus.

The septomaxilla (a part of the u. Ornithorhynchidae topic. The Ornithorhynchidae are one of the two extant families in the order Monotremata, and contains the platypus and its extinct relatives. The other family is the Tachyglossidae, or echidnas. Obdurodon dicksoni was a large, spoon-billed platypus from the Riversleigh area of northern Australia.

Its skull is one of the most perfect fossils known from Riversleigh. Obdurodon probably fed on insect larvae, yabbies and other crustaceans, and perhaps small vertebrate animals such as frogs and fish.

The Riversleigh Platypus looked similar to today's Platypus but was slightly larger, with a much larger bill. The Riversleigh Platypus also had large teeth, whereas today the Platypus has no teeth.

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Dickson’s Lasting Tooth

Raymond C. Lee, and his wife. Obdurodon dicksoni was a large, spoon-billed Miocene platypus from the Riversleigh area of northern Australia.

Obdurodon tharalkooschild: Fossil of Giant, Toothed Platypus Discovered

Obdurodon dicksoni Archer et al., References [ edit ] Archer et al. Description of the skull and non-vestigial dentition of a Miocene platypus (Obdurodon dicksoni) from Riversleigh, Australia, and the problem of monotreme origins.

Obudrodon dicksoni
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